20ml Clear Frosted Glass Dropper Bottle for Serum Essential Oil

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    20ml Cosmetics Refillable Bottles Portable Packaging Container with Dropper Cap

    High quality clear cosmetic glass bottles combined with aluminum cap and glass dropper.

    Glass pipette with thick wall Glass bottle.

    Available with normal and high viscosity dropper push button droppers, also suitable for pumps and spray pumps.

    This auto-loading dropper is the perfect pack for a precise dosing control.

    Can be customized as clear, frosted, brown and other color as you need.

    Ideal for serum, lotion treatments and oils.

    Recyclable: glass can be recycled endlessly with no loss of purity or integrity.

    Quality control :A series of tests are performed to ensure optimum quality in line with the International Standards.

    COMI AROMA—Perfect choices for perfumes, oils, scented lotions etc.







    WEIGHT (G)


    KMCB20-043 20ml 32mm 54mm 48g




    Personal Perfume, Fragrance Oil


    Bottle Material    High Flint Glass
    Cap                    Aluminum&PP
    Dropper              Rubber

    Pipette                Glass

    Caliber                20mm



                               Offset Printing
    Decoration          Hot Stampling
                                Silk Screen



    MOQ                  10,000pcs  




    • Clear glass bottle's process:
    • 1. Ingredients: according to the designed bill of materials, weigh the raw materials: quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid, etc. and mix them evenly in the blender.
    • 2. Melting : the prepared material is heated in a furnace to form a homogeneous, bubble-free liquid of glass at 1600 ℃ Celsius.
    • 3. Forming: this is a cooling process.Glass first changes from a viscous liquid to a plastic state and then to a brittle solid state.
    • 4. Cooling: the temperature of the glass bottle is very high when it is just formed, and it needs a slow annealing process to cool it down before it can be touched by hand.
    • 5. Inspect: each glass bottle must be inspected by an inspector to ensure that there are no defects, such as cracks, bubbles, impurities, slanting bottoms, etc.
    • 6.Packaging: use cartons or pallets for packaging according to customer needs.


    • Characteristics of glass bottles:
    • 1. Non-toxic and tasteless; transparent, beautiful, good barrier properties, airtight, abundant raw materials, low prices, and can be used repeatedly.
    • 2.Having a heat-resistant, pressure-resistant advantages of cleaning, both high-temperature sterilization, may cryopreservation. 
    • 3. With sealed light transmission can store products that are highly sensitive to humidity for a long time.
    • 4. Best choices for essential oil /scented liquid/cosmetic liquid etc.


    • Glass post-processing technology:
    • 1. Spray paint: provide a variety of including transparent, matte, opaque, shiny, multicolored, metalized pearlescent and metallic light. 
    • 2.Printing-used to add names and patterns to glass bottles. Apply a coat of (spray) varnish. After this treatment, the glass bottle is sprayed in whole or in part. Then put the glass bottle in a drying oven and bake at 650 °.
    • 3.Frosting: (Acid treatment) The frosting effect of a glass bottle in an acid bath.
    • 4.Hot stamping: plate a name logo or pattern on the glass bottle. 
    • 5.Sandblasting: A name or image that provides a matte effect to the glass bottle section.


    •  COMI AROMA -- the best glass bottles for your cosmetic products !
    Antique Glass Bottle Style Plain Glass Bottle, Simple Clear Bottle, Heavy Bottle, Thickness Glass Bottle
    Antuque Glass Bottle Shape Round Bottle, Square Bottle
    Packing Detail Egg Export Cartons with Export Pallet
     packing detail
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    Fantastic, great product. My customers are over the moon with this product
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    perfect , from begining to the end

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    great service, very satisfied product, and great after sales service. thank you
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