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COMI AROMA is a packaging supply company that was founded in Shanghai, China in 2010. Headquarters in Shanghai, Factory in Xuzhou, China. Since inception, we have been best known for High Flint Glass Products, however today, with access to more than 25 furnaces, we can accommodate orders of all shapes, sizes, and colors at large volumes year-round. This enables us to serve many different industries including cosmetic, diffuser, perfume, glass tube, and pharmaceutical, and dropper bottle. We assure that both our custom and stock items are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are regularly available in Amber, Green, Flint, and Cobalt Blue.

Specifically, COMI AROMA supplies glass bottles, containers, and full set accessories(dropper caps, mist pumps, sprayer pumps, aroma Fiber rods, rattan sticks, stoppers and caps ) . With nearly decades of experience in the packaging industry, we offer high-quality and innovative packaging products for global beauty and skincare brands.

All of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, conform to US standards and are US FDA certified so we are able meet the needs of both domestic and international customers. In addition, COMI AROMA has adopted hot end steam coating technology, cold end spray coating technology, and advanced silicon-enriched treatment technology. Our own 100,000+ square foot warehouse where we stock over 50 million units of product to ensure customers’ immediate satisfaction and to maintain short lead times.


As COMI AROMA  continues to grow, we strive to fulfill the customers’ every need.

A Pleasant Packaging Journey, Happy Work With COMI AROMA ! 

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