Aroma–smell to bring elegant taste for you

There is a memorable sentence in The Song Dynasty literati’s “Dream Lianglu” :

   ”Burn incense, point tea, hang pictures and arrange flowers, four kinds of nosey, not tired home.











  The general meaning is: want to improve their own quality of life, must be in sight, smell, taste, touch four aspects of an extreme enjoyment.











How important is aromatherapy?

The ancients wrote poetry, drink wine, talk about the scriptures and Taoism is not without it;Modern people have long conversations with friends and candlelit dinners with lovers.

Light fragrance is sent out in the space, a trivial matter in the life became decorous.











No fire aroma

Without incense, pretend bility tall “flasks”, simple and delicate glass bottles with flaring canes.

Price material benefit, flavour is comfortable and natural, place literally where, it is a adornment that has flavour, in oneself world secretly unripe sweet.










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Post time: Nov-19-2020