How To Create Your Own Diffuser?

Making your own fragrance diffuser is easy! Plus, it’s safer and less messy than making candles and melts (ideal for making with older children or simply those who prefer to avoid working with heat). All it really takes is selecting your materials and compiling them:

Comi Aroma--reed diffuser











● Pick a bottle that will hold your fragrance oil and be the aesthetic base of your diffuser. Opaque bottles are great for holding fragrance oils that are not-so-pretty in colour. For example, a classic matte black bottle is ideal for simple, elegant tastes.

● Pick a cap to up-the-ante on the aesthetic, such as a high-shine silver cap.

● Now choose your fragrance and preferred base. This is entirely up to you and your nose. Make sure your fragrance is compatible with diffusers, (such as the range here at  Craftovator). (Note: don’t simply throw essential oils and water in your bottle as they will struggle to penetrate and travel through the reed effectively. Diffusers require a binding agent such as Augeo Diffuser Base to help with evaporation and fragrance diffusion).

● Now pick your reeds. As we’ve concluded here, fibre reeds are the best choice. They’re custom-made for the purpose of welcoming fragrance oils and diffusing even and consistent scent.

● Pour your fragrance into your bottle along with the base (at a ratio of 25:75), add your reeds, and wait for the fragrance to saturate.

● You notice that the fragrance has stopped diffusing, flip the reeds over. 

Post time: Jan-22-2021