How to supplement the reed diffuser?

Under normal circumstances, the essential oil in the bottle will evaporate after the reed diffuser is used for about 2-6months. At this time, we need to add the essential oil again to make up, so as to continue to use.

Here are the steps to properly replenish the reed diffuser:

Step 1

Replace old reeds.After a few months of use, they become completely saturated with oil, which impairs their ability to emit their aroma.If you do know that the reeds are not fully saturated, you can continue to use them, but only if you use the same essential oil as before.

Step 2

Wash the bottles with dishwashing liquid and hot water.If you are replacing oily fragrances, you may need to wash the bottle many times to remove the old aroma completely.

After washing, let the bottle air dry.







Step 3

If reed diffusers have any decorations, such as rocks soaked in oil, they also need to be cleaned.If you can’t get rid of old scents completely, replace the decorations or do not use them.If you’re not going to change the smell, it’s okay to keep some.

Step 4

Add a new essential oil and place the required amount of reeds in the bottle.Remember, the more reeds there are in the bottle, the stronger the odor output will be.On the other hand, more reeds can get through the oil faster.

Finally, the material of the container.Glass is the best choice because some oils dissolve plastic containers.

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Post time: Sep-11-2020