Is reed diffuser safe to use during pregnancy?

Reed diffuser is a popular and modern way to keep your room fresh 24/7.However, for the normal development of the fetus, you need to be more careful about what products you use at home.

Possible side effects

The biggest safety issue with reed diffusers when pregnant is the use of specific essential oils.In fact, some are thought to cause uterine contractions.After 38 weeks, this may be just what you want.However, if you are in early pregnancy and want to have a healthy pregnancy, that is not the best situation.

Here are some essential oils that may cause problems during pregnancy.

 sage

 rosemary

 Holly

 fennel

 cinnamon

 basil

 birch

 coriander seeds

Some also believe that inhaling essential oils may seep into the placenta of an unborn child, affecting the development of the fetus.

Therefore, before taking reed diffuser oil home and installing it, pay close attention to the ingredients in reed diffuser oil.Also, it is recommended not to use essential oils in the first trimester until you reach at least the second trimester.











Active Effects

On the positive side, choosing the right scent of essential oils during pregnancy can help you feel more comfortable and improve your mood during the early stages of pregnancy.

Here are some essential oils that may make your pregnancy more bearable.

 lavender: can help relax and relieve stress.This is especially useful if you are unable to fall asleep at night or if you fall asleep.

 bergamot: the essential oil is perfect for those who pregnancy depression and reduce stress.In general, it may even help relieve some of the pain and soreness associated with contractions and pregnancy.

 lemon: when you pregnant women is destroying energy, this is what you need.Lemons can help improve your mood, reduce fatigue and control nervous feelings.

 rose: if you particularly overwhelmed or pressure during pregnancy, it is an ideal choice.Roses can help you feel calm and improve your mood at the same time.

 ginger: if you feel sick because of pregnancy and morning sickness, it’s going to be a life-saving straw.Ginger is especially useful for nausea that occurs in the second trimester.

In most cases, there are more essential oils available during pregnancy than there are not.Just make sure you’re working with your doctor to make sure you’re not endangering yourself or your unborn child.


In most cases, reed diffusers are an excellent way to improve smells in the home without putting unborn children at risk.However, there are a few things you must avoid when using reed diffuser: don’t drink essential oils or apply reed diffuser oil to your skin. 

Either way, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure reed diffusers are safe during pregnancy.

Post time: Sep-11-2020