Perfume Bottle Evolution: Same perfume, different way of opening

With the ancient myth and legend general, perfume also has a mysterious and long history.Long histories have become harder to verify over time, and the way perfume is used has changed with technological advances.

Perfume usage changes:

1. Incense

It’s perfume, from the Latin per fumum, which means’ through smoke ‘.The most original perfume is made by burning incense mist, is used to worship the gods, it represents the sacred and inviolable.

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One of the most important inventions in the history of perfume, the still, greatly improved the extraction process of perfume, the production of perfume increased, and the use of perfume was no longer limited to the royal family.During this period, perfume was stored in perfume bottles, usually corks were used as stoppers to stop the smell from escaping, and a probe stick was used to dip the perfume on the wrists and neck.

3.The fan is sweet

 Before the advent of spray bottles, fans were often used to spray perfume.Drop perfume on a fan to give off fragrance during use.And the fan page material texture is special, very suitable for absorbing perfume, can make the fragrance on the fan to retain quite a long time.Since the advent of perfume sprays, fans have become display tools in perfume shops.

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4.Perfume atomizer

In 1907 the birth of the first perfume atomizers (” Perfumers “) is the first significant breakthrough in the way perfume is used.It turns liquid perfume into tiny particles and sprays it out in the form of a spray from a sprinkler head.Sprayers have spawned a new industry, with manufacturers creating empty, decorative spray-on bottles that encourage people to store their favorite perfumes for as long as possible

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5.Miracle and Atakor in the 1930s

The perfume atomizer of this period has two kinds of sprinkler head, what appear earlier is perfume of airbag spray, press perfume bottle to take some airbag gently when using, can spray a sweet mist.

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6.One of the most popular perfume bottles of 1907

The advent of pressing sprays has made the retention time of perfumes more durable.Up to now, most perfume is to use press sprinkler head, spray perfume through press sprinkler head.

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7.Le Sien, Amour-Amour and Que Sais-Je1925-1928

To catch the eye of consumers, manufacturers have worked hard on the design and packaging of perfume bottles. Coty has poured perfume into a glass high-heeled shoe, which is elegant and elegant.Each bottle of Marotte has a different hat shape, chic and rich childishness;The bottle design of Shalimar was inspired by the Shalimar garden fountain.Delicate perfume bottle can always attract a woman’s attention in the first time.

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