Reasons for the different prices of glass bottles

Are ordinary glass bottles poisonous? The glass bottles sold by Taobao for a few dollars are used to store food. Is it safe to make wine or vinegar? Will it dissolve toxic substances?

Why are some foreign brands of glass bottles sold particularly expensive? Are ordinary glass bottles unsafe?

Glass is a very convenient material. It is easy to process, just heat it to soften, no need to add any strange things. Glass recycling is easier than recycling metal. And under surface tension, glass easily forms a smooth surface. On the other hand, it has very stable chemical properties and high hardness, which means it is easy to clean. In other words, under normal circumstances, as long as it is not unwashed, it is directly recycled. This material should be quite clean. There is no need to worry about the leachables. Much safer than stainless steel containers.


The difference in the price of glass products is actually caused by the processing technology. Because glass is easy to entrain small bubbles during processing, or uneven edges cause stress concentration, uneven thickness and other defects. These defects will greatly reduce the various properties of the material. The process difficulty and extra cost required to eliminate these defects are sometimes more than the direct scrapping of substandard products. This is why many glass products are very expensive, but they look similar. It doesn’t matter whether it is poisonous or not.

Qualified ordinary glass bottles do not contain toxic substances or heavy metals that can cause poisoning doses.

Brand glass products must take into account the craftsmanship, brand premium, design, and sales cost. It is not surprising that the price is dozens of times and hundreds of times more expensive than ordinary glass bottles.

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Post time: Nov-26-2020