What is high flint glass bottle?

Glass is an ancient building material that has been around since ancient Egypt.Along with the common development of human society, the glass industry has created a variety of glass with unique functions, making the glass family continue to thrive, such as bulletproof glass, photoelectric glass, vacuum glass, etc., all of which are playing an irreplaceable role in their respective fields.We will introduce the characteristics of high white glass and explain the difference between high white glass and crystal white glass.










What is high flint glass?

High flint glass is commonly known as “super white glass” or “super transparent glass”, which is referred to as “low iron glass” in experience, but not lead glass. Lead glass is mainly used in the field of radiation protection, for example, lead glass is used in XRD through Windows.

In the process of glass making, if the iron content is too high, there will be more chromogenic components inside, so that the light is easily absorbed when passing through the glass, leading to the decrease of light transmittance, which is what we call low transparency.









 It can be seen that in ordinary glass without obvious defects (nodules, bubbles, stripes, impurities, optical distortion, etc.), the influence ratio of iron content on light transmittance is very large.

Therefore, ultra-white glass is designed to reduce the content of iron in the glass as much as possible (usually within the range of 0.011), increase the transmittance to more than 92% without obvious defects, and give people a feeling of crystal clarity from the surface.

COMI AROMA—all of our reed diffuser &cosmetic glass bottle&perfume glass bottles are made of high white glass material with higher transparency and no toxic substances such as lead, which is more suitable for the use of home frangrance.

Post time: Dec-31-2020