Lastly, the final piece of the puzzle that is your unique look is how your branding and product information are printed onto your packaging. Here, we offer a full range of options, including silk screening, offset printing, HTL/Heat Transfer Label, hot stamping, laser etching. We also offer services to customize printed boxes for your packaging needs.

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Silk screening is the process in which ink is pressed through a photographically treated screen onto the surface. One color is applied at a time, with one screen for one color. The number of colors required determine how many passes are needed for silk screen printing. You can feel the texture of printed graphics on the decorated surface.



Offset printing uses printing plates to transfer ink onto the containers. This technique is more precise than silkscreen printing and is effective for multi colors (up to 8 colors) and halftone artwork. This process is available for tubes only. You will not feel the texture of printed graphics but there is one over-lapping color line on the tube.